• Beautiful Butterfly

    Butterfly butterfly Where you go?
    Why are you moving to and fro. ?

    Why you fly ?... more »

  • Express Yourself

    Expression of thoughts comes from mind.
    But where from it we can find.
    What we listen or what we read... more »

  • Hope

    Hope is the essence of life.
    It is the meaning and fragrance of life.
    Desire of humnan being never ending
    Once finished others ascending.... more »

  • I Am Confused

    I am confused
    since I am searching water in the river.
    confusion widened
    when I plunged into ocean... more »

  • Is It Possible To Be Perfect?

    A student who was poor
    in his study
    But always want to do
    away this remedy.... more »

  • Little Tiny Rain Drop

    Little tiny rain drop
    meet the thirst of earth
    maintain the greenaries
    and feed the all crop... more »

  • Mistake Of Life

    Mistake word is produced
    When someone recognise it
    When heart not allows
    and prohibit to do something... more »

  • Mother

    O Mother
    You are the symbol of
    and kindness... more »

  • Nature

    If you want to see the God
    behold the beauty of nature.

    If you want to learn something... more »

  • Our Earth

    We live on earth.
    But where does our earth live.
    Earth lives in the Universe.
    So we can say it Miss Universe.... more »

  • Tears Of Poverty

    Only there is God
    who can feel
    the pain
    and tears of poverty.... more »

  • The Lost Love

    I have lost my child hood
    with unforgettable memory
    of my parents my friends and
    my teachers... more »

  • The Presence Of God

    Where are you the All mighty God?
    Why not you come before us?
    You dont come but always we feel your presence.
    We know that you are everywhere.... more »

  • Time Is Passing

    Time is passing day by day,
    Leaving behind never stay.
    I can say you can say
    Time is passing day by day.... more »