• An Absurd Poem

    Yeah 'absurd'
    Oh ok I thought 'absurd'
    you're so weird... more »

  • Awake (Dt Dec'08)

    Sat morning,
    cup of Lemon tea,
    leftovers of last night’s dreams,
    a faceless lover... more »

  • Beautiful (Aug'06)

    'You’ called me ‘beautiful.’

    I turned my ugly face at you.... more »

  • Birth Of A Smile (Sep'06)

    Two drops fell from her eyes
    Landed on a feather passing by
    Were carried to a place unknown
    touched an ailing soul... more »

  • Few Nights' Stands (Dt Jan'09)

    A misty winter morning
    I rub the sleep off my eyes,
    pull the satin sheets on my naked skin,
    And roll over to find the warmth of my life.... more »

  • Follow

    One heart beats somewhere
    One soul longs
    One mind thinks
    One for one... more »

  • Gift

    At the dawn of you making a whole new world,
    With the man you chose
    a time so emotional yet so conditional,
    time that you have been waiting for so long,... more »

  • He's Back

    He is back,
    The rebel and the artist.... more »

  • I Am Ok

    Your love for me was real I know
    It's just that you were too weak to stand up for your love
    I don't blame you for any thing
    I know it isn't easy for you to be happy... more »

  • I Must Be Happy

    Presently I am looking for a new start
    You’ve been a great person
    So I am not all in tears
    If you’ll catch me in couple of years... more »

  • Just Another Day

    It was just another day at work
    My desk is not organized and
    My boss been acting like a jerk... more »

  • Love Is A Bubble

    Oh dear, oh that smile again.
    Now don’t worry, hang in there,
    hold it tighter.... more »

  • Savage Love (Mar'08)

    My love visited me last night
    Glad I am he did.
    “I missed you my love, ” said I.... more »

  • Sequel

    Eyes met, hearts felt, flowers blossomed.
    To be continued…... more »

  • She Is Walking, Searching (May,2005)

    She was walking, searching,

    A little girl
    with a dream,... more »

  • So We Broke Up

    You did everything, you said.
    “Got you the moon and the stars;
    Diamonds and the pearls.”... more »

  • Some Day Again

    Some day, again in the middle of the night In my empty bed with my empty thoughts
    I will remember you, I know
    ‘That is it then’, goodbye I said today, But I will be blue again someday
    will that hurt me so, that I don’t let you go?... more »

  • Soulmate (Dt Aug'08)

    What’s the point
    of those damned soul mates
    Always crossing your way?
    You see they all seem to be... more »

  • The Road Has Come To An End (Dt Mar'09)

    The road has come to an end. This is the end of the beginning, and this is the beginning of a new end.

    In this road nothing excites me anymore,
    nothing makes me happy,... more »

  • When The Night Comes (Nov'06)

    When the nights come
    keep me away from you
    from everything that could lead me to you
    coz I would hurt you.... more »

  • You Never Called

    Gone are the days
    when my phone used to ring
    And a sweet caring voice used to touch a string in my heart
    As I would pick up the receiver and say ‘hello’... more »