• A Rain To The Desert

    Desert did beg
    From the clouds
    Floating over the sky
    'A drop of Rain'... more »

  • Alien Love

    They, the souls, of yours and mine
    Fallen from two different worlds
    Dwell in a wonder land
    Where flowers of love bloom... more »

  • Becoming A Statue

    Once I thought
    To become a 'Wordsworth
    I expressed my feelings
    They said 'How dull they are'... more »

  • Gift Of His So-Called Love

    'Love' she begged from her childhood
    Never came to her making her damened

    She had parents relations...... everybody... more »

  • Lonely Star

    when the darkness hugs the sky
    Thou begin to spread thy bright
    No any other near by
    Thine beauty is in my sight... more »

  • Love You Have No Heart

    Oh! Love.
    Thou have no heart
    I. Surrounded by tears
    Sought thy tenderness... more »

  • She

    She is not in my culture
    But enchants me with her postutre

    She turns her eyes everywhere... more »

  • Snow Love

    By chance I came to know thee
    The happiest time we spent, did not we?
    Thou were the most believable person for me
    And I was the bold lover who loved thee... more »

  • Tears Of A Bonsai Tree

    Deprived of the warmth of the sun
    Deprived of the cold of the rain
    I am just standing in this gloomy den
    what is the sin I have done.....!... more »

  • Victory Of A Photographer

    How nice are these faces!
    Peeping through my camera eye
    I snatched their sadness
    Showed it to the world... more »