• Eternal Bliss

    I look back on it, in retrospect,
    From day one it was perfect,
    I somehow had a genuine effect,
    No one knew someone with so much innocence... more »

  • Lie, Cry And Defy

    Forced into the position
    Fallen into repercussion... more »

  • The End

    Look Towards the Sky just before you Die,
    For I Am the Final One who will make you Cry,
    You've Finally met Your Nemesis,
    Disguised as your Fatal Long Lost Love,... more »

  • The Totality Of Life

    'Once to Heaven'
    -Welcome to Heaven-

    Entering Pure Bliss... more »

  • Witness The Flame

    Witness the Flame
    It burns holes in lives
    Crumbling buildings to the ground... more »