• A Love Story Gone Awry

    An envelope arrives unannounced from oversees.
    Where are the letters?
    The words? I peer closer
    Trying to read between the lines... more »

  • And It Rained

    Will it, won't it, will it rain?
    The spirited peacock does not complain
    But lifts its wings majestically
    And in sync with the koel's sanguine refrain... more »

  • And The Waiter Waits

    The talk was desultory and trite
    In that squalid eatery.
    The oil splattered wall paper hung down in greasy strips
    And smoke billowed forth from purple lips.... more »

  • Autumn In My Heart

    Spongy, white clouds covered the sky
    And I throttled a sigh.
    A gusty wind raced towards me in helter- skelter haste
    Flirting with the yellow, dried stubble... more »

  • Breathless


    [I dreamt, that I had died, but thankfully, got up breathing.
    And in the morning, these words just wrote themselves. ]... more »

  • But Wait

    On dark nights, I still hear
    A sputtering and stammering of love notes
    Huskily whispered on that first date.
    But wait!... more »

  • Crimson Welcome

    Autumn came, attired in gold, yellow and red
    Blinding me by his fiery brilliance
    Matching the spectacular trees festooned in gold.... more »

  • Dead Glowworms

    The sunrays, brighten the debris
    Lying scattered helter - skelter
    Like dead glowworms.
    Slowly those memories rise, resurrected.... more »

  • Do Not Cry Mommy [ Dedicated To World Autism Month ]

    Mommy, were you weeping today?
    I wanted to say something
    Wanted to hurl myself at you... more »

  • Dreamlets

    Skulking deep within the recesses of my heart
    Many a dreamlet sleeps.
    Tiny pleasures in ample measures
    Having a blast around that streamlet still gurgling... more »

  • For Saffie Rose Roussos

    For Saffie Rose Roussos
    [The eight year old killed
    in the terror attack in the Ariana Grande Concert
    in Manchester on 22 May 2017 ]... more »

  • Frontal Assault

    Rhyming words always ready for a frontal assault
    I was only looking for plain salt, what is my fault?... more »

  • Her Porch


    She sat in her porch, talking to the tiny birds
    As memories slowly encroached... more »

  • His Favourite Nook

    Blotched skin
    A hideous grin
    Grotesque scars... more »

  • Hues

    With a hungry beak the vulture pecks at a blob
    Of coagulated blood
    No longer red.... more »

  • I Come From The Land Of Flowers


    I come from the land of flowers
    And a love that overpowers... more »

  • Into The Unknown

    The monsters of the night talked and talked
    My reticence mocked
    Frowning ominously, I baulked
    At their chatter intrusive.... more »

  • Is It Time?

    Today morning
    as the birds chirped up a storm, trying to wake up
    a comatose sun, I heard some rustling.
    "Get up, it is time." There was a sibilant hiss.... more »

  • Lament Of A Scarecrow

    A frisky squirrel slithered up his terracotta head
    Merrily flirting with his turban dark red
    A naughty egret chased a buffalo and pecked
    Two birds who joyously chirped and necked.... more »

  • Let Me Be

    There is a constant sound of footsteps following me
    Is someone flirting with the shadows?
    Am I in a surreal time vault
    In the deserts of vast eternity... more »

  • Life Cartwheels Through Time

    An amazing conjunction multi -hued

    Long years back Dickens said,
    "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times".... more »

  • Marks Of Woe

    Marks of Woe
    [A poem triggered by the London Bridge Terror Attack of June 3,201 7]

    On a warm Saturday night, London Bridge reveled... more »

  • Masked \ Unmasked

    Countless are the masks that we wear, the roles that we play
    Every second, every moment of our lives.
    Now rising, now diving, now traipsing through life with fake smiles.... more »

  • Night Watched Cock-Eyed

    Night watched cock-eyed
    Frowning at the street, tangled with busy people
    Busy dragging overstuffed suitcases, cartons of knick- knacks
    Slivers of memories escaped from wall -cracks... more »

  • No Regrets

    That sunny breakfast nook
    Where the bibliophile me, sat reading a book.
    The small warmth of a fire... more »