• A Shadow Of Light

    It's dark out, pitch black in the middle of the night
    There's no light at all, except the shadow of light
    Luminous and winding, it walks down the street
    Following it's carrier, connected at their feet... more »

  • Angry Snakes And Flying Birds

    What happens to a dream deferred?
    Does it crackle and scream
    Like a lightning strike?
    Or tremble like a nervous cat-... more »

  • Eternal Darkness

    In eternal darkness there is nothing but dark space
    So dark there is no light to face
    It goes on and on forever
    Through dark, stormy and icy bad weather... more »

  • How Long Is Death?

    How long is death? As long as path?
    No... it's longer
    As long as a galaxy as long as the sky is death
    Forever and ever on and on, as dark as a pitch black hole... more »

  • I Dream A World

    I dream a world where
    No creature shall be discriminated against
    Where one will stand up for another
    And come to their defense... more »

  • I Thought You Were My Friend

    Hey man I thought you were my friend.
    I thought you were someone who didn't have to lie or pretend
    I thought you were someone who would be there, someone that could be trusted
    Someone that would stand up whenever I got busted... more »

  • It's Wet And Dark Down Here

    I am writing these poems from the bottom of the sea
    It is wet and dark down here
    And also hard to see
    The paper is wet and I’m writing on page three... more »

  • Life And Death

    Life is like a miracle
    That is special in every way
    Death is like a heartache
    That only wants to stay... more »

  • My Name Is

    My name is rain
    My name is wind
    My name pain
    My name is sin... more »

  • My Place

    ... more »

  • Rainy Dreams

    I dream about rain falling all day
    It's gray out, with no blue and no light
    With no sun, just clouds
    I hope it stays like this with nothing bright.... more »

  • The Pain Of Yesterday

    I met a stranger yesterday
    And not in the least but pleasant way
    We were driving down the street
    Between Park and thirty-third... more »

  • The Panda

    Panda! Panda! quiet yet quick
    Eating away on his bamboo stick
    What dances do you do at night
    When all the animals are tucked in tight?... more »

  • The Sneaky Squirrel

    The trees will sleep, the birds will sing
    A mischievous squirrel will sneak
    Across the park and to the store
    To take a little peak... more »

  • The Truth Behind The Act

    This poem is about what I think is happening now
    Please dropp your things and look around
    At the pain the sorrows the hearts on the ground
    This man who says I love you is a stupid mistake... more »

  • Us Trees

    We trees are everywhere, there are many of us about
    We keep to ourselves more and barely ever shout
    We don't like to walk much, with our feet in the ground
    Although we grow awfully tall and also quite round... more »

  • World Suffering

    Do you ever wonder what's happening in other countries,
    When you're here in America spending your money?
    Do you ever think about the suffering children
    Without food for days?... more »