• An Ordinary Evening

    My sister tells me it was just an ordinary evening, but evening is never
    ordinary is it? Once the sun has started to climb down the sky things
    change. You and she were sitting in the den—the olive green vinyl
    couch, sports trophies, new color TV, pictures of Kennedy and King we... more »

  • August 9th

    Hate, black teeth, half an
    eyeball, torn light, green grass, dirt
    wings. Sick, blind angel.... more »

  • Benin Silver Father Slaves

    I the ancient kingdom of Benin water was the realm
    of the ancestors; it was seen as a mirror reflection
    of the land of the living. So where is my father?
    Is he waiting for me under the water.
    Will he approve of me or beat me or love me,... more »

  • Broken

    I think everything in me has been broken. The shiny ceramic red heart
    lies on the floor in shards, its light that used to flash electric now glows
    steady in the dark. Outside the window I watch the souls of my mother... more »

  • Found Poem (in the New York Times in an article written by James C. McKinley Jr. on Rwanda)

    „The dead," the doctor says, „are speaking to us."

    some skeletons will be enclosed in a glass case
    inside the church as a permanent reminder... more »

  • Ghosts

    There are thirteen windows in this room.
    I see the tops of trees and sky, my parents
    run thru my mind; my father
    scurrying like a mouse. My mother is sitting. Why have I come... more »

  • Sestina

    Last night after school I finally got around
    to looking at the formula for a sestina
    & thought of Crazy Horse dancing in the desert
    & I asked, Is god gonna appear here?... more »

  • Some Different Kinda Books


    She asks why we always
    read books about black people.
    (I spare her the news she is black.)... more »

  • Today

    Today is the day you have been waiting for
    when you would finally begin to live
    when you would at last open the door... more »