Sappho Comments (9)

Such smooth flow of words in defining a human emotion. Beautiful!
........ even after 2600 years, Sappho's verse keep being very inspirational to us all poets....
I am reading your poems how many years later of your death. I do not know who will read my poems two thousand years later. +8801919455479
An immortal goddess of inspiration from the isle of Lesbos, the tenth muse according to Plato himself and a high priestess of enchantment for the enduring beauty and contemporary appeal of her surviving fragments. She lives on eternally.
I hope someone can help me. It is my understanding that Winnaretta Singer, the Princesse de Polignac, made many translations of Sappho's poems at the turn of the 20th century (Perhaps between 1900-1914, but possibly not until after WWl) . I would like to find them, but have not been successful so far. Is there a Sappho scholar reading this who can help me? If so, please feel free to email me at as soon as you read this. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
Here's another one, not included in this anthology: Mountain Wind Just as the wind in the mountains blows the oaks assunder, so did Eros blow my mind.
It's rare to find so many fragments of her divine lyrics. I'm in Arcadia.......!
The greatest poet of them all, though only beautiful fragments remain because of the Christian Era fearing her love!
does anyone know when the Sappho will be reborn and where? i can't wait