• A Girl

    This is a poem
    about a girl; to sad to give a f***
    she tries finding it,
    but she's lost all of her luck...... more »

  • Cheerleading.

    I found my niche in life
    In a sport not quite like me
    Because on the outside
    You saw a shy, timid, tomboy... more »

  • Life

    How wonderful it is.
    Where people just don’t get you
    Those Christian figures hate you…... more »

  • Lost

    I'm LOST here,

    i don't know where i am.... more »

  • Pathways Of Life

    I stood upon a mountain
    Gazed down to look upon
    The future that might lie ahead for me
    The positives and the wrongs... more »

  • Prevalent Addit

    its an addiction...
    the knife
    the smooth skin
    ...tattered...... more »

  • Silent Bystander

    I'm a girl sitting in the corner, a big, dark, shaded spot
    silently looking on while her friend is getting shot.

    A boy watching on while his mother's getting beat... more »

  • The Smiles That Fool All Jepordizing People.

    The smile that fools all jeopardizing people
    The lies that seep through the walls of the steeple
    The pain in the eyes of all burdened young
    The denial behind each and every one... more »

  • To Whom It May Concern

    I AM: a mistake, a loser, retarted, stupid, vunerable, weak, crazy, mental, worthless, unwanted, cast-aside, the bad seed, the problem...

    I WANT: to be loved, to be wanted, to be accepted, to feel needed, to be looked up to...... more »