Sara Panicali Comments (5)

Umm...Wow - this sucks. Not your poem, but the way you feel inside. I'm sorry. And I wonder how long you have been in pain like this. It sounds like way too long. I wonder if you have anyone to help you. If there is any joy around in your life, I hope you can embrace it and try to surround yourself with good and loving people. I know, somewhat, what you feel, and I have found what I have just said to be one of the few things that is healing. Again, I am sorry for the darkness you have had to feel.
Yes, things will get better in time. Writing poetry or fiction, somehow, releases our innermost feeling and cleanses our inner self at times. The expression of truth by the art of rhythmical composition, written by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts is a poetry indeed.
Poems are really mirrors of the soul, thy poems trigger deep reflection.
After reading through your poems, I would classify them as confessional poetry much like the singer songwriter Jackson Browne who puts his personal life out for everyone to see. This is a good relief for you to get out the emotion and go on with your life, things will get better in time. A nice personal touch Sara......
Your poems have an amazing capacity to both capture the readers attention and fulfill with an instinct of certainty, that your words are written with genuine emotion.