• Dream

    I walked in to the woods
    And I find that I am lost
    I try to find a way out... more »

  • Falling Down

    Falling down
    all the hate i have stuffed inside of me
    it is suffocating
    it hurts to hide... more »

  • Hate

    Is some thing that you don't want,
    Your life to be based on.
    And love is some thing... more »

  • Hateful Me

    Hateful me
    All my hate is
    Because of you
    You’re the reason why I am like this... more »

  • Heartless

    i say to you that i hate you with all my heart
    but you still say that you love me
    that makes me sad... more »

  • I Saw A Girl

    i saw a girl.
    leap through time.
    she has taken my heart
    i was scared at frist.... more »

  • Let Me Go

    i have been here for too long.
    i am traped inside.
    and can't find my way out.
    i try to scream.... more »

  • Not Enough Trust

    Love is some thing that I’m not used to
    So just wait for me until I am ready,
    I said, but instead you move on to another
    And leave me in the dust... more »

  • The Way You Look At Me

    The way you look at me
    I hate the way you look at me
    it seems like you do not care if i die
    and so if i die i bet that you will not care... more »

  • Try

    i try
    and i try
    but find it hard... more »

  • What Is Normal?

    What is normal?
    Is it worth living for?
    The homework that is dumped at you every day?
    Or the screaming that happens every day?
    And every one glaring at you for no reason?
    Does that sound like some thing to live for?... more »

  • Who Needs Them?


    Who needs them?... more »

  • You Die

    You die
    But we live on

    I hate you... more »