• Desert Pools

    I love too much; I am a river
    Surging with spring that seeks the sea,
    I am too generous a giver,
    Love will not stoop to drink of me.... more »

  • Dew

    As dew leaves the cobweb lightly
    Threaded with stars,
    Scattering jewels on the fence
    And the pasture bars;... more »

  • Did You Never Know?

    Did you never know, long ago, how much you loved me—
    That your love would never lessen and never go?
    You were young then, proud and fresh-hearted,
    You were too young to know.... more »

  • Doctors

    Every night I lie awake
    And every day I lie abed
    And hear the doctors, Pain and Death,
    Confering at my head.... more »

  • Dooryard Roses

    I have come the selfsame path
    To the selfsame door,
    Years have left the roses there
    Burning as before... more »

  • Doubt

    My soul lives in my body's house,
    And you have both the house and her—
    But sometimes she is less your own
    Than a wild, gay adventurer;... more »

  • Dream Song

    I plucked a snow-drop in the spring,
    And in my hand too closely pressed;
    The warmth had hurt the tender thing,
    I grieved to see it withering.... more »

  • Dreams

    I gave my life to another lover,
    I gave my love, and all, and all--
    But over a dream the past will hover,
    Out of a dream the past will call.... more »

  • Driftwood

    MY forefathers gave me
    My spirit's shaken flame,
    The shape of hands, the beat of heart,
    The letters of my name.... more »

  • Dusk In Autumn

    The moon is like a scimitar,
    A little silver scimitar,
    A-drifting down the sky.
    And near beside it is a star,... more »

  • Dusk In June

    Evening, and all the birds
    In a chorus of shimmering sound
    Are easing their hearts of joy
    For miles around.... more »

  • Dusk In War Time

    A half-hour more and you will lean
    To gather me close in the old sweet way--
    But oh, to the woman over the sea
    Who will come at the close of day?... more »

  • Dust

    When I went to look at what had long been hidden,
    A jewel laid long ago in a secret place,
    I trembled, for I thought to see its dark deep fire—
    But only a pinch of dust blew up in my face.... more »

  • Ebb Tide

    When the long day goes by
    And I do not see your face,
    The old wild, restless sorrow
    Steals from its hiding place.... more »

  • Effigy Of A Nun

    Infinite gentleness, infinite irony
    Are in this face with fast-sealed eyes,
    And round this mouth that learned in loneliness... more »

  • Eight O’clock

    SUPPER comes at five o'clock,
    At six, the evening star,
    My lover comes at eight o'clock—
    But eight o'clock is far.... more »

  • Embers

    I said, "My youth is gone
    Like a fire beaten out by the rain,
    That will never sway and sing
    Or play with the wind again."... more »

  • Enough

    It is enough for me by day
    To walk the same bright earth with him;
    Enough that over us by night
    The same great roof of stars is dim.... more »

  • Erinna

    They sent you in to say farewell to me,
    No, do not shake your head; I see your eyes
    That shine with tears. Sappho, you saw the sun
    Just now when you came hither, and again,... more »

  • Evening: New York

    Blue dust of evening over my city,
    Over the ocean of roofs and the tall towers
    Where the window-lights, myriads and myriads,
    Bloom from the walls like climbing flowers.... more »

  • Faces

    PEOPLE that I meet and pass
    In the city's broken roar,
    Faces that I lose so soon... more »

  • Faults

    They came to tell your faults to me,
    They named them over one by one;
    I laughed aloud when they were done,
    I knew them all so well before, -... more »

  • Fear

    I am afraid, oh I am so afraid!
    The cold black fear is clutching me to-night
    As long ago when they would take the light
    And leave the little child who would have prayed,... more »

  • February

    They spoke of him I love
    With cruel words and gay;
    My lips kept silent guard
    On all I could not say.... more »

  • February Twilight

    I stood beside a hill
    Smooth with new-laid snow,
    A single star looked out
    From the cold evening glow.... more »