I began writing poems when I was in grade school. It was usually the result of boredom, but later grew into a passion of mine. Over the years I have written all kinds of poems, short stories, and I am currently working on my first book. With college coming up, though, it will probably be on hold for awhile. I hope to incorporate my creativity and writing abilities into my career someday, but for now I am just sharing my work with others for the fun of it.


Sarah Anthofer Poems

Years That Last (Written For My Dad,2004)

In the years to come,
These days will be the past.
How quickly can time go?
How long can memories last?... more »

Mistakes (Written At The Beginning Of My H.S. Senior Year,2007)

Whoever said that hindsight is twenty-twenty,
I would say was a fairly wise man.
It’s too bad that he forgot the directions,
On how to make the best of it while you can.... more »

Scars Of My Past (Written In 2008)

I will continue the journey through life,
For as long as life places one in front of me.
I will leave my faith with a higher power,
In the hopes that on the final day, I will finally fly free.... more »

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