• A Shining Star

    Darkness filling the whole land through,
    Entwined in black, no sky now blue.
    No life on land or in the sea,
    Only sadness clothing me.... more »

  • Different World, Different Life

    Watching these people on our TV screens,
    Individuals dying, from water unclean
    So little to eat, people starving to death
    Struggling to take each and every breath... more »

  • Eternal Memories

    One year gone by, and still I cry,
    Those memories so fond and dear
    A pain that's felt, memories blur and melt,
    Evolving into something unclear... more »

  • Foreign Land

    Questioning Why I was directed here,
    Something so right become so unclear
    Losing sight of your written truth
    Oh Lord, My God, I need your proof... more »