• Dawn Has Come

    Dawn has come,
    O’er the fields of hay.
    As heady as golden rum,
    Is the clear light of day.... more »

  • Listen And You Will See

    You say you listen but you never do
    You’re never there when I need you.
    You’re listening to music, chilling in your room
    Thinking all the thoughts you think of the worlds impending doom... more »

  • Muse Of Light And Dark

    Sitting, waiting
    Pen in hand
    What am I making
    In this far away land?... more »

  • Seraphim

    The wind sighs
    As the seraphim falls
    The stars cry
    And the world grows small... more »

  • Shadowed Realities

    I sit in a darkened room,
    Dreaming of you.... more »

  • The Wide World

    You sit at your bedroom window
    Watching the open sky
    You never see what is below
    Do you wonder why?... more »