• (incomplete And Missing)

    already the days go by
    ticking life along
    and when we stop
    to see ourselves... more »

  • A Love, A Life

    A soul,
    A spirit,
    and a mind of your own... more »

  • Because I Had Too

    im having trouble shutting my eyes
    but it makes no difference now
    it could be day forever
    but my world will ever be black... more »

  • Bound

    i was taught, i was trained
    can i give up my own way?
    well i was locked and i was chained
    cant see my shadow front of me... more »

  • Broken Clock

    </>watching the broken clock
    expecting to gain back what I've lost
    expecting some simple things
    from you, me and everything... more »

  • Child's Play

    the pain
    took me a while:
    a while to accept,
    a while to submit to it.... more »

  • Condition

    life is just a soulless planet

    filled with half humans searching... more »

  • Confused

    and i might be alone
    dont know why everyone
    got up and is gone... more »

  • Darkest Days

    i used to have my darkest days
    i used to never sing nor play
    i used to cry when no one would see
    and wait for someone impatiently... more »

  • Days Go Bye

    I ran so hard
    so fast.
    I left
    and was gone.... more »

  • Drink Nights

    and i went out followed
    took the turns alone
    they're laughing at me
    talking to me... more »

  • Fairytale Romance

    the beauty of the fateful
    to find that one lover waving by
    how wonderful it must be
    to fall to someone who already loves you... more »

  • Forced Feelings

    And maybe I could be just a little bit stronger
    And maybe I could just hide
    But to not have you any longer
    I know I said I wouldn't miss you... more »

  • Forward

    when you feel as if you've lost your way
    and the rain clouds up your sunny day
    just breathe and say
    i'll be okay... more »

  • Give Up The Quit

    Kicked out,

    Off the daily grind:... more »

  • Handed Over

    automatic friends wont last the night

    when the clock is ticking... more »

  • His Story

    when i was a boy
    in the days of slow suns
    when it was all fun and games
    with no tongues... more »

  • Hotel Home

    choking; i cant breathe today
    left you in your hotel home
    where you will stay
    and i will pack up and leave this place... more »

  • I Hate Bees

    Late summer
    when the bees get dizzy
    the heat is getting cooler
    nights are getting longer... more »

  • In Hopes

    in my life not knowing
    should I love you and think you love me
    stair at your picture
    the one where you're holding me... more »

  • Interrogation

    Secrets may fade in my mind
    but they will never disappear
    The only secrets I'm afraid I'll break
    are the ones I hold so dear... more »

  • Jealous

    calculating the mood
    swing tides
    of loving life
    and being jealous... more »

  • Lakes Freeze In The Winter

    developing fantasies in my head

    of us in different bodies... more »

  • Light

    the light the light
    POURING... more »

  • Lost Chance

    i felt
    the blood through my veins
    did i need proof... more »