• As I Get Ready For The Day

    The city sounds of hurrying cars
    And anxious hearts
    Anxious because they are late for work
    Anxious that they are leaving behind... more »

  • As You Lay In Slumber

    As you lay in slumber
    I’m sweeping petals from your eyelashes
    But I am dreaming too... more »

  • Bottle Me Up

    Bottle me up

    Fill me with your lies
    And criticize... more »

  • Buried With Yesterday

    Buried with yesterday
    and it’s forgotten smears
    Smudges on my shades
    I’m shady... more »

  • 'Colour Inside The Lines'

    Previewing these dusky moments
    You, little mouse, scrimmage for under table crumbs
    I rarely sweep my tiles
    They are so perfectly aligned... more »

  • Communication

    With truth
    Implied... more »

  • Define

    These are just opacities
    Gripping the sidebar
    Righting the wrong sides
    Easing the night steps... more »

  • Dreaming

    There was a time I’d sleep each night a full eight hours
    And in the morning feel tired as when sleep had just begun
    It was the summoning of twigs and watercolours
    Mocked my waking moments, clasps undone... more »

  • Driving Home

    On this whim
    As the sky feels heavy burgeoning upon us
    As a faded black sea rolls beneath
    Every intention and premonition.... more »

  • Growing

    In depths, in steps we slept
    And kept
    Our lives as rules by two
    Within creation somehow deemed... more »

  • I Sat Beneath The Question Mark

    I sat beneath the question mark
    And ate the wonderment
    Enjoying the digestion
    And the churning of the question... more »

  • Langauge

    I had a thought today
    Perhaps I would go silent
    It is not words, but language I defy
    These categories I did not define... more »

  • Open Night

    What’s the point in salivating expiration dates?
    What’s the meaning in the feeling of these wasted days?
    What is the purpose that is lurking in the trees behind their eyes?... more »

  • Shifted Whispers

    Whispers shifted
    Slipping of dirty tongues
    Into clean ears
    Swimming through... more »

  • The Signifier Is Arbitrary

    I’ve lived a good years more
    Than my face would ever such a story tell
    I’ve hungered and I’ve rummaged
    And I’ve begged in tattered lines... more »

  • They

    are soulless warriors
    And I…
    a soulful, empty handed goddess... more »

  • Tonight

    I have no shelter tonight,
    but the milky portals of insight
    which I guard unto a fault,
    in which insights are but fighting fish... more »

  • We Do Not Need Saving

    And in order to save our hair,
    From the gush of rushing windy waves
    That cause our trips, we must gather early and often
    We must fall onto our knees and fake our smiles.... more »

  • When Walking Out Upon Your Words

    When walking out upon your words
    I thought I’d rather swim
    So, as if upon a whim
    I grew a set of fins... more »