In many ways, my writing is very naive in the sense that it lacks 'grown up' structure. Much of what I write about is emotional, personal things I have felt deeply. I suppose that most emotions lack structure in that sense I'm capturing the authenticity of the moment. My weakness is not being experienced enough to know how to adapt my style and delivery without affecting the content. I do enjoy just sharing though and if you do too then it makes my pleasure double. Below is a link to my favorite poem...http: //


Sarah H H Poems

I'M Sorry For Both Of Us

I'm sorry that I couldn't play
I didn't know it was a game
I was never going to come in first
The win belonged to another name.... more »

The Dance

It was never in my nature
To open myself up
Quickly to all and sundry
Like a playful little pup.... more »

You Don'T Know Me

You don't know me
Because that is your choice
You opt for telepathy
Rather than voice.... more »

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