• A Constant Nightmare

    Darkness sweeps over like a blanket
    My eyes deep pools of fire
    I'm glowing with my misery and my pain
    Death lurking close by my side... more »

  • A Husband...

    A husband should be
    Loyal and honest

    A husband should be... more »

  • Aftermath Agony

    Totally lost now
    Not a clue what to do

    Can't show my face... more »

  • Answer To My Question

    One word was all it took
    Yes, that one little word crushed my soul

    Never have I been so disgusted... more »

  • Gentle Breeze

    The rain pours down
    The clouds pass by

    Another hearts been broken... more »

  • Inside Out

    Thought of hate sprinting through my mind
    Wondering my reasons to live or die
    I put up a front so angry and bold
    Deep inside I'm about to explode... more »

  • Magic

    I can feel your hot sultry breath on my neck
    The tenderness of your touch on my thigh
    Your hands run across my face... more »

  • Pure Love

    She is strong yet gentle
    With a heart of gold

    She smiles constantly... more »

  • Shattered

    I thought it was love
    Fate must have been against us
    You showed your love through hate
    Like all these bruises on my arms and legs... more »

  • Untrue

    The way I get when you walk by
    The sound of your voice when you say hi
    It's all enough to drive me insane
    Just another heartache full of pain... more »

  • Why Not?

    He promises a new start
    Your promises have been broken
    He's interested in all that I do... more »