• An Essential Kindness?

    An essential kindness:
    Without shame... more »

  • Ballyhoo

    We all gather at the step
    One purpose in mind
    Though many to follow... more »

  • Excavating Me

    Am I gone
    Am I gone
    have u been successful
    in excavating every blissful memory... more »

  • Falling

    Falling was subtle and sweet.
    Like plum purple coloured leaves in the fall,
    letting go when they least expect,
    Sifting and soaring in the soft cool breeze.... more »

  • Illusions Of The Mind

    your body
    And my body
    As one.... more »

  • Prodigal Children

    prodigal children of the world
    sucking up resources
    consuming them all
    don’t you have a clue what’s coming... more »

  • Sweet Interlude

    The sweet interlude
    In and of this madness
    Is nowhere to be found
    But within the tiny cracks... more »

  • The Trust Fable

    This is not a dream
    Hopelessly searching
    Through this…
    We come to know... more »