SM Sarah Mkhonza May 7,1957

Quotes (509)

When you see a dark corner, flash a light to someone. They will catch it and shine it back. The world will be brighter and better after you leave.
Thanks to my teachers and the work they did in me. Mrs. Mdwara, Gordon Thomas, Obita Skhosana, Malachi Makhubela 'The Old Timer', and others.
The power of a loud sneeze is not in who did the sneezing but, but how far it is heard.
Reach out and change the world. Write and not talk because that will be read everywhere. Viva Poets and Writers!
Develop webbed feet because you can walk on land and water.
In honor of the ducks and what they teach us.

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Sarah's poems are real, simply put... raw & real. Her Swazi upbringing primed her to see rawness which she finds in aspects of U.S. adult living that American folks pass up, day after day, even when seeing the same physical realities as Sarah see's... Sarah really sees.
In you are generations that held each other. Reach out to the next person. That is also another line of generations that reached out and touched the world. We are all one, though many. Want and touch the love we all are.