• Craving

    I'm no criminal but im not innocent
    I'm not healthy, im ill from being awake
    from all those nights of crying
    craving to touch a sharp blade... more »

  • Fallen Hero

    Day by day
    My hero slips lower from her penastool
    Hour by hour news seems to turn negative
    more violence occurs threw my eyes.... more »

  • Life

    let life take me in a direction
    let life make a reaction
    let life flow me to the person i love
    let life bring me a white dove... more »

  • Little Girl

    She gets up and wipes away her tears
    theres no solution
    there no hope
    she seems to want to be loved... more »

  • Look

    look at her
    looking at him
    me looking at them
    they look perfect dont they? ?... more »

  • Mirror

    Tell me what you see,
    Is it a woman who's green eyes stare blazing at you?
    Or it is that she was affectionate towards you so easily?
    Does the butter knife peel through the flesh too softly,... more »

  • Nightmare

    I look out of my window
    at the night sky
    thinking of you and the last time i saw you.
    tears trickle down my face... more »

  • Output The Noise

    stars turn to clouds
    whithering in its differences
    anything to lead the slowing days
    is a savior... more »

  • Path To Suicide

    Hours pass.....
    shes lying there on the cold hard concrete
    staring at the colour red driping from her palms... more »

  • Pick Myself Up

    I pick myself up from off the ground
    wipe away the dirt and tears from my eyes
    i hope 'he' does not come round
    he hurt me bad... more »

  • Quotes That Appear Though Eyes

    sometimes the brightest cloud holds its darkness from the world
    creating barriers of protection from the piercing wind
    the smallest plane can send the cloud gasping for togetherness
    with its emotions and secrets.... more »

  • Read Like A Book She Is..Is She

    Do i read like a book?
    Do i look depressed?
    the thing is only one person can
    its hard to say to everyone that they are truly fine... more »

  • Reality

    Damaged woman made by man
    does she see the true and false
    years of company to him
    yet he was the devil with his usage of drugs... more »

  • Romeo Story

    Droplets of water falls
    on his soft face
    emptyin his thoughts...his pain
    he looks down apon her sweet expressionless face... more »

  • Seeing

    Gliding across the room
    to her waiting gentle figure
    could this be what she hopes to achieve
    could he feel as simular as she does... more »

  • She Who Lives

    Blessed be
    By the morning star I wake
    with a frown for every memory
    for every pain I bear... more »

  • Stuck

    she sits upon her bed
    wiping tears from her eyes
    'what have i become? '
    'how did i end up like this'... more »

  • Tears For Love

    staring across the midnight sky
    her tearful green eyes sets on a star
    wishin...prayin only to be noticed
    since all she can do is watch in silence... more »

  • Teenage Girl In Pain

    I'm sat on the edge of my life
    clinging onto the memorys that are full of happiness
    the ones that could stop me from ending it..........
    my family seem to confince me that I shouldnt do it... more »

  • Unnoticed

    lifting the weight of his eyelids arise
    reflection seems perfectly dull his features
    the only thing traveling on the mind
    who will care about the person in the mirror?... more »

  • World

    world let the people breath
    let them have the strength to live
    to live their life without difficulty
    let the sun shine down onto the people... more »