• A Flow A Flowing Flow

    It hurts to think God doesn’t
    love her dangling dainty pale
    feet in life’s silvery flow flowing
    like a wingy compressing air... more »

  • Emily Dickinson Is Jewish

    Emily Dickinson is Jewish and hides in an attic.
    Restriction and Emily’s selective nomadic soul breed
    Speculation. She misses bees, frogs, familiar sovereign woods.
    She squints at dust, the Oriental carpet, a creaking plank.... more »

  • First Appearance Of The Angel Evelyn

    When the trumpets blow,
    I will see her, the angel Evelyn,
    lifted on a cloud,
    air-jet transporting her... more »

  • I Noticed The 21st Is Ascension Day.

    You’re heading true north
    but truth is elusive, useless
    even. Incorporeal monads
    have soul. Corporeal monads... more »