• Falling

    The leaves, they dance with a rhythm so light
    As they float down on this cool autumn night.
    There's not telling where they will land
    As they wisp through the air and flow near a band,... more »

  • Lyrics Of The Heart

    Wherever you are, I will follow,
    As far as the farthest shore.
    Because, Baby, when I’m with you
    “I could not ask for more.”... more »

  • My Romeo

    But soft! What light through yonder window break?
    As day-by-day I feel a love so true.
    It has to be the sun to whom I wake,
    And love and smile at, all the day through.... more »

  • Once Upon A Lonely Night

    I sit in my bed and look to my walls.
    They’re plain with a thick coat of blue.
    No posters of “hot guys”, no pictures at all,
    I stare out the window into gloom.... more »

  • Rainbow

    It’s a mixture of happiness and sadness
    With a blend of reds, oranges and yellows
    In a ribbon of color.
    The blues and the greens tangle themselves within... more »

  • Sadness

    Sadness, it locks up my soul and shuts my world down.
    I sit here with an invisible crown,
    of clouds.
    When my body lies down the clouds form over me and start to rain,... more »

  • The Fire Inside

    Golden birds can't calm my soul
    The fire has grown too large
    And devours my being whol.... more »

  • The Lover's Dream

    His heart who has loved, is filled with delight,
    Though beats of remorse could ring through.
    The airs of the dreamer fill up the night
    As their dream ship sails into the blue.... more »

  • The Road I Travel

    With in my mind, I thought I knew
    That I dare not travel back,
    This road so dark, dim, and blue,... more »

  • The Tears Of Death

    She lies there, with her face down.
    Floating on an endless stream
    Lifeless limbs, bloodless veins
    Had no time to scream.... more »

  • Thoughts

    Dark eyes, dark hair
    And scruffy beyond repair.
    But I don’t care,
    I wonder.... more »

  • Weary Winter

    The blinding sun of winter,
    Beating on sad souls.
    Where snow runs deep on the ground outside,
    Compacting under our feet.... more »

  • Wolf Of Night

    Every evening I awake at the mid of night,
    I look to the sky and feel a rush of wind
    And as I look beside me, the moon reflects a sight
    Of a wolf that barks to the gigantic orb.... more »