• A Pearl

    Deep down on the ocean floor
    Miles away from the shore
    On a bed in a little shell
    Lies a marvel.... more »

  • Achievers

    What if they
    Cannot see, hear or speak?
    What if they do not have
    An arm or a foot... more »

  • Are You Here?

    Joy you brought
    with your smile so lovely

    Your eyes laughing black berries... more »

  • Cloudie

    O! the Queen of the sky
    Up there you fly so high
    Away from worry,
    From every deep sigh.... more »

  • Far Away

    I want to go away
    Far, far away
    Away from life
    Away from this world... more »

  • For Her

    A sickle hangs above
    Her tiny head that rests
    On the soft blue pillow
    Waiting to chop it off... more »

  • Happiness In Green

    In my memory stand
    The visits to my village far away
    Its fields and the lovely meadows,
    Where life is peaceful and gay.... more »

  • Home Makers

    Little would you remember those days
    When they’ve been patient with you,
    When they were victims of your anger,
    As an adamant little one and now too.... more »

  • Is'Nt It Proud?

    Isn’t it proud?
    To be out on the border
    Facing guns
    Smiling at Death... more »

  • It Happens

    If there were no rains,
    Would the roads ever have a wash?

    If there were no words,... more »

  • Life

    A rose in the morning clear,
    Greeting you with a smile so dear.
    Blooming just to please you,
    But the thorn, mind you.... more »

  • My India

    Where else can you find?
    A lake as beautiful as the Dal
    Or the world’s wonder – The Taj Mahal
    Gir forests filled with lion’s roars... more »

  • My Life - Yours Too

    Me you call Nature’s wonder
    When a cascade or a spring slender
    Me as a mighty ocean you can see
    As morning dew, I can always be.... more »

  • My Little Christmas

    There’s a special night – once in a year
    To remind when from Heaven came God’s son here.
    There are cakes to eat, prayers to say
    To the little Babe on his bed of hay.... more »

  • Nature And You

    Golden are those moments
    You spend with nature
    You can think of nothing else
    You can’t hear the church bells... more »

  • On Diamonds

    A sign of goodluck and grace
    Never they cease to steal your gaze
    Very precious, tiny and light
    For ever, sparkling bright... more »

  • Realisation

    I opened my eyes to find myself
    In a long corridor – the world.
    At the end of it, I saw
    Something shining bright... more »

  • Snail Pace Pays

    What’s wrong with a slow pace?
    There’s no hurry to reach our homes
    We carry them. We save space
    No accidents, no traffic jams on our way... more »

  • Sweet Little Me

    I am an onion pink and plump
    I love to roll around and jump
    With my rich flavour and my taste
    I add joy to every face.... more »

  • The Wish

    The autumn wind blew noisily
    Over the big, strong tree
    The dancing leaf let go its hold
    It wanted to see the sea... more »

  • There They Go

    I stood on the roof top
    A bright sunny day
    I saw them in the far blue space
    Those flocks of sheep... more »

  • Those Little Hands

    In our land hidden are many
    Hands that work hard for a penny
    Hands at the loom all day and night
    Weaving a mile long carpet bright... more »

  • To Papa With Love

    You were my inspiration, you were my all
    Like you, I can find no other pal.
    You filled my heart with happiness
    Even thinking of you gives me so much peace... more »

  • Together

    Hand in hand we walked together
    Among leaves none bothered to gather
    The trees stood bare on either side
    Those nests they now did not hide.... more »

  • Visitors

    Caps on stalks stout or lean
    Red, white and brown, but never green
    On the wall, wood or soil damp... more »