Sarmad ALI Biography

I am a romantic, a bit sensitive and a life loving person.I want to leave this world a better place than when i got here and i want to have that deep generous smile on my face when i would get old which appears after the life of struggle, heartaches, pain and miseries and most importantly serving others.I have a long journey ahead and i am ready to carry on.I want to bring smile on depressed souls, I want to make people love there life and i want to tell them life is not that bad. I will do everything to bring a change in people lives and i will struggle to give them a better living and help all God's creations. That is what i have figured out, that is what i wanna do. That is what i am born for.May be i become a writer or a poet one day.
I thank God so much for all his blessings he has bestowed upon me.
I am in a persisrent struggle to elevate my soul above all evils and be a better person by every passing day.Those who stand by me they are part of my life and i would never leave them.They are more precious to me than all the wordly riches and i love them soo much.when i retire i want to be with those whom i love and who loves me.
I guess i would be serving as a kindergarten principal, running my farm or a small restaurant somewhere on some far away highway in some distant land. If i have to say one thing to you i would say 'DREAM'.