• December Morning

    By: syed Sarmad Ali
    Walking on a lonely road
    In the midst of December
    Its foggy all around and vision blurred... more »

  • Dwelling Snail

    Life is still, snail dwelling hereby
    waiting for the heavens grace
    Wanna go far, Be admired be praised

    These dreamless, these dead souls... more »

  • Fancy Ride

    Let us go on a fancy ride
    away from the world away from times tide
    a wooden house on a mountain top
    a lake flowing beneathe the slope... more »

  • Forlorn Young

    In the wilderness of horrifying night
    Abandoned child repressing cries
    All alone and stranded, in a mournful night
    These howls and roars may lead to demise... more »

  • Happy Birthday Hande! ! : D

    Sky was pure and the sun was ripe
    Sweet sound ringing in my ears
    Weather was lovely i wanted to adhere
    Everything was cheerful no despair... more »

  • Lost Ambition

    I am an artist doing wall paint
    i am a cat barking like a dog
    i am a writer doing engineering
    its not the place where i belongs... more »

  • Mid Summer Rain.

    Sweltering heat, a mid summer day
    Life forms could only retreat & pray
    To the god of thunder above in the sky
    Angels are commanded to go their way... more »

  • No One Stays There For You

    No one stays there for you
    Every one leaves every one goes
    Remains that is what
    your loneliness and just you... more »

  • Oh Lord Help Me

    I have already decided to give up
    I cant bear it i cant bear it any more
    I know i will be alone in the end
    But its the bitter truth i have to accept... more »