• All It Takes

    A call out of the blue
    My world suddenly shines anew
    Thats all it takes my love
    To make me happy... more »

  • All The Joys To Impart

    All the joys to impart

    A cottage in the hills
    A garden full of flowers... more »

  • Apart

    The harsh wind blows
    I long for your warmth
    My love is a secret
    In my heart it echoes... more »

  • Cinderella

    Elder sister lazy
    Younger one spoilt
    Middle one had the tenacity
    And worked fully for the family... more »

  • Contentment

    Mind games I do not play

    Either its this or that way... more »

  • Continuty Continuity

    The tide recedes but leaves behind
    Bright seashells on the sand
    The sun goes down but
    Gentle warmth still lingers on the land... more »

  • Emotional Danger

    We were travelling together
    On the same path
    I lost my heart to you
    But your haughty indifference... more »

  • Fading Away

    Long crucial lonely nights
    Threaten and surround
    To hover untill eterninty... more »

  • Girls Hostel

    Amidst the fields far away from town

    an Engg. institute J.M.I.T. is found... more »

  • Hope

    For years and years I have walked
    The black tunnel of despair
    The tunnel has no end and yet
    Hope tugs at my feet... more »

  • House Gone

    a lovely house surrounded by big garden and lawns
    the drive-- bordered by light green neat hedge with rose plants in adorn... more »

  • Limits


    When limits are crossed and you cant sleep... more »

  • Little Things

    One little unshed raindrop
    May think its too small
    But somewhere a thirsty flower
    Awaits its fall... more »

  • Nightfall

    However much occupied I remain
    Throughout the day
    Lonliness gets the better of me
    At night when I lay... more »

  • No One

    There is no one to-

    Love me dearly... more »

  • Noni [morinda Citrifolia]

    Since time immemorial
    This extra special
    Tropical plant
    Bears fruit all the year round... more »

  • Reason And Time

    They say there is a reason
    They say that time will heal
    But niether time nor reason
    Will change the way I feel... more »

  • Taken For Granted

    Caught in a web-taken for granted

    Widowed at a small age... more »

  • When?


    When will I ever smile
    and meet my hearts desire... more »

  • Wonder

    The pearls the rubies
    Diamonds or emeralds
    Do not attract me
    Your eyes do..................... more »

  • Words

    Evening shadows fall and night prevails
    My sad eyes in the darkness gaze... more »