• $$$$$ No Need For It

    promises that are not always kept
    swept from my feet
    wonders that i cant seem to wonder when i was kept away from all my pains and dreams
    i dont no where all the time has gone but i do know that... more »

  • Change

    It seems to take a long time to do whats right and to get right
    everyday i wake up i steady fight
    but even fighting doesnt seem to work no more
    i steady hit my face flat on the floor... more »

  • He Is Able...He's My Healer

    im able give you my all LORD
    protection by YOUR wisdom words
    YOUR sword defeats my enemies
    going through this long journey needing to discover my reason 4 a different season... more »

  • Love

    Love can take you on a ride that seems it will last forever....
    You argue and then you love and then you scream and then you dream....
    Theres more to this word then just saying the word Love....
    Love is delicate like a dove no push no shove....... more »

  • So Fly

    Charming is a curse
    No need to try to rehearse this talent
    care less about your little side comments
    Carrying yourself high... more »

  • Struggle

    Everyone manges to struggle...
    Things never going as planned and seems as if your banned from being happy....
    Your mind still in worry trying to find a peace of mind...
    What is it that others can not see that there bothered by this on going thing with being unhappy and never able to settle there minds and never able to find whats really going on with how your really feeling inside....... more »

  • Wide Open The Rest Is Up To You

    brand new beginning old stories shit turns into old ass glories
    hold back what was never given to you
    wish you where in other situations then when they come you tend to hold back an put it all on hold
    use to old habits never seem to have enough of it... more »

  • Words

    These are words to speak and what wisdom I seek
    The past was the fast lane and really never thought
    Of all the problems that where saught after the fact
    Yes the act was very bold but yet just so stupid... more »

  • Yes Thats Me

    My name is Miss Boss
    thats my nickname, fame is this universe
    a well known curse making money on the grind
    bind em up... more »