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Hi Uncle, How are you I hope that you are fine there and I am also fine here. I read your poem. But actually while I read your poem the word is quite interesting and getting tuff to understand the comment of others is very nice. Uncle you are to much famous these days. Congratulation! ! !
Sarwar Chowdhury, He is a poet of modern days who has a brilliant mind. His compositions enthrall all his readers with his innovative stylish and erudite whimsical lines. Reading his latest written opus will even beguile you more, for he exhibited unusual form of poetry in perfection.
You are one of the greatest poets in Poemhunter. You attract everymind. You have extraordinary ability to present each feeling in a unique form.
Sarwar you are very creative and talented writer indeed.. You always provide the reader with something different....... Your one of those writer, who writes different kind of poems, , ... And you have your own unique style.... And you always keep the entertainment factor alive.. that is a good thing.. never a dull moment in your poems, extremely readable too best wishes shan
i love your poems, good
Sarwar, You are a star writer. Every line of your poetry has that sempervirent, viridescent nature--so soothing to the heart. Keep writing thus and God Bless My sincerest wishes, Anjali
Nice piece. Isn't love a universal language and borderless appeal?
I have not read much of this poet, but I have read enough to say that poets may benefit by being here most of all. Every poem that I have read has a lesson for a poet wishing to learn of their purpose. This, of all things, is the only true lesson a poet must learn. Continue to teach Sarwar. In teaching poets, you add substance to the world. Greenwolfe 1962