• Fire

    The light flickered in her eyes.
    She wanted to erase all the lies
    She got a match and twirled around
    Wishing everything would burn to the ground.... more »

  • I Must Fight For You

    I scream out to the world
    Hoping it would stop spinning.
    I’m starting to lose my hold;
    I want to stop fighting.... more »

  • I Want To Be A Star

    When I was little, I used to wish to be a star,
    Not wish upon a star.
    Later on, I found out I couldn’t be one.
    But I still thought “Wouldn’t that be fun? ”... more »

  • The Magic Of Music

    The music flowed through my veins
    Freeing me from all the pain.
    As I heard the beat
    I started tapping my feet.... more »

  • They'Re Not Fine

    I see people everyday.
    My eyes deceive me, they say,
    “He’s just fine. She’s okay.
    They’re having a perfectly normal day.”... more »

  • To Escape The Masquerade

    I look down at my hands
    And thought to myself, “No one understands
    The pain I went through,
    The tears I’ve cried at night; no one knew... more »

  • What To Do?

    What to do, what to do.
    I don’t know, how ‘bout you?
    You should give me a subject
    And I could make a poem, I bet.... more »