Satis Shroff Biography

Satis Shroff received Heimatmedaille Baden-Württemberg 2018 for Literature and Heimatpflege, the Neruda Award 2017 in Crispiano, Italy on May 20,2017 for Literature. Hihttps: //
He is a writer and poet based in Freiburg poems, fiction, non-fiction who also writes on ethno-medical, culture-ethnological themes. He is a contributing writer on and https: //autnispoetry/satisshroff/germany, on Blogspot and He has studied Zoology and Botany in Nepal, Medicine and Social Science in Germany and Creative Writing in Freiburg and Manchester.

He describes himself as a mediator between western and eastern cultures and sees his future as a writer and poet. Satis Shroff was awarded the German Academic Exchange Prize.He is a lecturer in Basle Switzerland.

Writing experience: Satis Shroff has written two language books on the Nepalese language for DSE Deutsche Stiftung für Entwicklungsdienst & Horlemannverlag. He has written three feature articles in the Munich-based Nelles Verlag’s ‘Nepal’ on the Himalayan Kingdom’s Gurkhas, sacred mountains and Nepalese symbols and on Hinduism in ‘Nepal: Myths & Realities Book Faith India and his poem ‘Mental Molotovs’ was published in epd-Entwicklungsdienst Frankfurt. He has written many articles in The Rising Nepal, The Christian Science Monitor, the Independent, the Fryburger, Swatantra Biswa USIS publication, Himal Asia,3Journal Freiburg. Also read his poems, articles in & search under: satis shroff. His books are published on:

What others have said about the author:
Satis Shroff writes political poetry—about the war in Nepal, the sad fate of the Nepalese people, the emergence of neo-fascism in Germany. His bicultural perspective makes his poems rich, full of awe and at the same time heartbreakingly sad. In writing ‘home, ’ he not only returns to his country of origin time and again, he also carries the fate of his people to readers in the West, and his task of writing thus is also a very important one in political terms. His true gift is to invent Nepalese metaphors and make them accessible to the West through his poetry. Sandra Sigel, poetess, Germany. His books 'Through Nepalese Eyes, ' 'Im Schatten des Himalaya' and 'Kathmandu, Kathmandu' are available on

'Die Schilderungen von Satis Shroff in ‘Through Nepalese Eyes’ sind faszinierend und geben uns die Möglichkeit, unsere Welt mit neuen Augen zu sehen.' Alice Grünfelder von Unionsverlag / Limmat Verlag, Zürich.

'Since 1974 I have been living on and off in Nepal, writing articles and publishing books about Nepal- this beautiful Himalayan country. Even before I knew Satis Shroff personally later I was deeply impressed by his articles, which helped me very much to deepen my knowledge about Nepal. Satis Shroff is one of the very few Nepalese writers being able to compare ecology, development and modernisation in the ‘Third’ and ‘First’ World. He is doing this with great enthusiasm, competence and intelligence, showing his great concern for the development of his own country.' Ludmilla Tüting, journalist and publisher, Berlin.

'Due to his very pleasant personality and in-depth experience in both South Asian, as well as Western workstyles and living, Satis Shroff brings with him a cultural sensitivity that is refined. His writings have always reflected the positive attributes of optimism, tolerance, and a need to explain and to describe without looking down on either his subject or his reader.' Kanak Mani Dixit, Himal Southasia, Kathmandu

'Satis Shroff writes with intelligence, wit and grace.' Bruce Dobler, Associate Professor in Creative Writing, MFA University of Iowa.