SC Satyendra Cool 06/08/1998

Work__Dance Academy Study2016 - Present
Ambikapur, India
JEEM 2016 - Present Ambikapur, India
Indian Army Study Ambikapur, India
University (postgraduate) Vedanta FoundationPost GraduateMicrosoft Office Specialist·Computer Graphics·Computer Oprater Programming Assistant
School year 2015 PGDCA__@Post Graduate Diploma Computer In Application
University__Sankar Partap Deo Inter College Nagar Untari
Hindi·History of the arts·English 2013- 20 May 2015 Hindi Medium Subjects School__R K High School Chittvishram High School 30 April 2011 - 5 May 2013ALL HINDI MIDEUM SUBJECTE
Professional Skills·__
Driving car, Comedian, Actor, Anchor, Artist, Show Hosting, Singing Records and Assistant Director
Places Me lived Current City·__Ambikapur, India
Home Town·__Nagar Untari, Uttar Pradesh, India
Residences__Nagar Untari, Uttar Pradesh, India
Satyendra's homeNagar Untari, Uttar Pradesh, India
Satyendra's home
Contact InfoMobile·__
096939 49843
HOME Address_ Village_ Narhi_
City_ Nagar Untari_ Dist_ Garhwa_
State_ Jharkhand_
Area Pin (822121)
Websites·http: //
Websites·http: //
Websites·http: //
Email address·
Basic info Birthday·6 August 1998
Interested in·Men and women
Languages·Hindi.English, Marathi language and Bhojpuri language
Religious views·Hindu
Political Views·__Not interested
Other Names..
Name With Title·__Cool
Family Members·__Upendra Kumar Brother
Ashok Ram Father
About You·_Name_ Satyendra Cool
Birth Name_ Satyendra kumar
Nick Name_ Cool
Birth City_ Nagar Untari, Garhwa, Jharkhand
Date of Birth_ 06/08/1998
Occupation_ Entertainer
Height_ 5''5in
Shoes_ (U.S) 9, (U.K) 8
Weight_ 50,51,52 kg.
Colour of Hair_ Brown
Colour of Eye_ Black
Favourite Colour_ Blue
Favourite Food_ Chiken, Aloo Paratha
Favourite Drink_ Iced Tea
Favourite Place_ Goa, Pune, & All India
Favourite Sports_ Cricket
Favourite Actor_ Salman Khan
Favourite Actress_ Shardha Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra & Maduri Dixit
Favorite Film_ Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge
Favourite Clothes_ Tight fitting sirt
Favourite Brands_ SPARKY, Live's
Favourite Car_ BMW Q5, X7, Fortuner, XUV 5OO
Hobbies_ Exercising Regularly
Best Friend_ % % %?
Language Spoken_ Hindi, English, Marathi and Bhojpuri
Affairs/ Girlfriend_ % % %?
Nationality_ Indian
Dose Satyendra Cool smoke? No
Dose Satyendra Cool Drink Alcohol? Yes
Education_10th R.K High School ChittvishramNagar Untari_ Garhwa_ Jharkhand
12th Sankar Partap Deo Inter CollegeNagar Untari, Garhwa, Jharkhand
Computer Corse_ PGDCA(Post Graduate Diploma Computer In Application) Vedanta Foundation DHANBAD, Jharkhand
Life events2016Started Working at Dance Academy
Started Working at JEEM2015
Left Sankar Partap Deo Inter College Nagar Untari
Graduated from Vedanta Foundation2014
Started studying at Vedanta Foundation2013
Left R K High School Chittvishram2012
Started studying at Sankar Partap Deo Inter College Nagar Untari2011
Started studying at R K High School Chittvishram1998
Born on 6 August 1998
Quotes·__Q. Aapki mom ke father ki wife ki daughter ki sister ka bhai ki bhanji ke nana ki wife ke husband ki beti aapki kya lagi?


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