• Candy

    You lay innocently on the shelf wrapped in shiny gold foil
    Stealing my unguarded heart from afar
    Even though you will put my mind in a toil
    Maybe even my health's course you may mar... more »

  • Desire

    Just because I'm delicate
    Doesn't mean I can't handle
    The cut of your teeth
    On the back of my neck... more »

  • Enjoyment

    Doth has generously given to me
    Thee divine way to enjoy thine
    So with beauteous favor I return pleasure to thee
    That your giving tongue lends to mine... more »

  • I Want

    i want to call you
    but my dialing finger is caught
    in webs of mental confusion... more »

  • Intoxication

    I decided to let you go today
    Without a word or a sound
    Not because I wanted to
    Not because I needed to... more »

  • Next Time

    Consider also:... more »

  • Oh God

    To make an Idol of a book,
    Is poison for the brain;
    Dying for any god
    Is reason gone insane.... more »

  • Passion's Place

    I walk to the edge of the earth
    With one step
    I am deep in your hearth
    Slipping into your arms... more »

  • Raw

    I woke up this morning feeling raw and wide open
    With my mind spiraling into nevermore
    Knowing I will step out the door
    Into today's unknown... more »

  • Sideways

    Sitting sideways at a random coffee shop
    Casually trying to stop the hands of time
    While drinking down a hot mint mocha
    Within this everpresent moment sublime... more »

  • Underneath

    Underneath these sheets
    There's a soft, warm world of love
    Here waiting for you.... more »