I'm a young female with a great love for writing. I matriculated in 2009 and only now in 2012 got a job to work on a Cruise ship...
Even though times were tough, not once did I ever think of giving up the one thing I love doing more that anything in this world: writing!
Anything from a sand cram to a major accident is my inspiration...
I guess I have a talent, a natural skill.
I live with only my brother and my mum. They are the reason for me still being here today and for helping me stay strong.
I have a wonderful grand mother and aunt, that lives next door that keep me on my toes.
I have a loving boy-friend, whom I do plan on marrying one day when life starts to seem fair, and I have a few amazing friends that stood by me, mostly through hard times, pain and distress.
I wouldn't dare change a single thing in my life and face having to lose any one of these special and most wonderful people in my life..


Savannah Harker Poems

Simple Song

Poem for Vené

It's just a simple song,
That I am playing.
Letting two hearts connect as one.
Just to see the smile upon your face,... more »

Secret Sacrifice

Poem for my dream guy

Through your secret sacrifice
Yet I manage to find out you have eyes of an angel,... more »

Sound Of Suicide

As I am sitting here
Thorn apart
I feel so alone
And I'm been tantalized by my own breath... more »

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