• A Hidden Death In My Dreams

    A hidden death in my dreams!
    A sudden end is here...
    Let angels come take me.
    And wash this pain away.... more »

  • Bitter Sweet Love

    Bitter sweet love
    Why do you steal my heart and soul,
    I hate you,
    I love you because I hate you,... more »

  • Cancer

    Shattered dreams
    Lonely nights
    Empty skies
    Trapping hopes... more »

  • Hide And Seek

    1,9,10 here I come.
    Remember that laughter,
    Our child hood games,
    Joy been expressed on every countenance... more »

  • Inspired

    When you walked in
    I was intoxicated with my work
    Forgotten the meaning
    The meaning of Joy... more »

  • Joy Being Released...!

    Your name,
    Your name been released softly from my lips.
    Your eyes holds a secret... more »

  • Left Me.... Broken

    There was a time I almost loved you.
    But you had to go and believe the lies
    I wanted you badly
    And I had you.... more »

  • My End, Is Yet, But Far Still To Come...

    So that night came.
    I saw the end of all light,
    Every next day.
    As I'm stroking... more »

  • Nightmare

    Nightmare, oh nightmare,
    You lovely piece of smack.
    You got me waking up,
    Waking up with a dreadful snap.... more »

  • Rage In A Womens Heart.

    I gave them all the signs!
    Why didn't anyone see the signs?
    I was in so much pain.... more »

  • Secret Sacrifice

    Poem for my dream guy

    Through your secret sacrifice
    Yet I manage to find out you have eyes of an angel,... more »

  • Simple Song

    Poem for Vené

    It's just a simple song,
    That I am playing.
    Letting two hearts connect as one.
    Just to see the smile upon your face,... more »

  • Sound Of Suicide

    As I am sitting here
    Thorn apart
    I feel so alone
    And I'm been tantalized by my own breath... more »