• Addictions (Pt 1)

    She is getting dressed
    freaking out about what shirt would cover up the scars
    she decieds to wear a jacket
    at school there is a assembelly... more »

  • Addictions (Pt2)

    She dosent know where shes at
    She tries to open her eyes but she cant
    They are taped shut
    She starts to feel her arms and legs... more »

  • Adrenaline

    Flying as far as I can
    For as long as I can
    Adrenaline rush
    Feeling the wind against my face... more »

  • As She Lies Dying (Pt 1)

    She's sitting there, thinking of things wrong with her
    Reasons why she should go
    Nobody knows what she's thinking
    But they always think of her... more »

  • As She Lies Dying (Pt 2)

    This time they know
    They know her seceret
    They are doing just as she thought they would do
    And agian, they start chanting... more »

  • Behind Closed Doors

    Behind Closed Doors
    no one will know what she is doing
    Behind Closed Doors
    she will keep on trying... more »

  • Colors

    I'm afraid to show you my true colors
    While you are out there showing yours
    I'm afraid you will make fun
    The only person ive told dosent talk to me any more... more »

  • Destruction

    All of us
    Following the tracks
    Of life
    All of us... more »

  • Find A Reason To Live

    Everybody wantsto be
    'hip' or 'cool'
    but thats not what matters in life
    living does... more »

  • I Always Seem

    I always find myself
    Hurting and not helping
    I try so hard
    To make it all better... more »

  • It's Your Turn

    I'm over you
    I don't have to scream
    I don't have to let it all out
    I did... more »

  • Keep It Together

    I have to hold it in
    Keep my self from shattering into a million pieces
    For you
    To cause you less pain... more »

  • Memory Walkway

    O how I miss those times
    Those times with you
    Those times when i felt so happy
    Those times when we were both so happy... more »

  • O Don'T We Both Wish The Dame Thing

    All you can do is hear
    Hear the sound of my tears
    But you wish you could
    I should tell you I really should... more »

  • Scream

    If you feel pain
    If you feel miserable
    Scream if you feel the way I do... more »

  • Scream Savannah Scream! !

    I just want to scream
    I just want to let everybody know
    I just want to let it all out
    Scream Savannah Scream!... more »

  • See You In 2 Years

    I tired to make everything better
    But i made everything worse
    I tired to make myself happy and safe
    But instead i saw how hurt you were and made myself even worse... more »

  • Should She

    She's there on the bridge
    Thinking if she should do it
    People would be happy
    That she will be gone... more »

  • Story Of Two Lives

    From where I stand
    I see a boy trying to be with a girl
    But Father and Mother
    Stopping him... more »

  • Summer Of Love/Winter Of Hate

    A summer to love
    A summer of happiness
    A summer of love
    Everything was perfect... more »

  • Thank You

    She's thrown away
    Stepped on
    S*** on
    Everybody that she ever loved... more »

  • Valentines Day?

    Lucky sons of a b******
    They get to celabrate their love life
    But what do the people who don't have/did have a love life do
    Just sit and wait... more »

  • Waiting And Waiting

    And waiting
    Holding myself together
    For you... more »

  • Was She Worth My Life?

    You climb up the vine
    You see her sitting there
    Blood on the floor
    Blood on her wrist... more »

  • We All Want

    We all want that same thing
    We all want that special someone
    But what if you find them
    And you can't be with them?... more »