• A Blue Life

    she lives a blue life
    a blue saddness
    saddness in life
    a depressed teenager... more »

  • Addictions

    She is getting dressed
    freaking out about what shirt would cover up the scars
    she decieds to wear a jacket
    at school there is a assembelly... more »

  • Addictions (Part Two)

    She dosent know where shes at
    She tries to open her eyes but she cant
    They are taped shut
    She starts to feel her arms and legs... more »

  • As She Lies Dying

    She's sitting there, thinking of things wrong with her
    Reasons why she should go
    Nobody knows what she's thinking
    But they always think of her... more »

  • As She Lies Dying (Part Two)

    This time they know
    They know her seceret
    They are doing just as she thought they would do
    And agian, they start chanting... more »

  • Behind Closed Doors

    Behind Closed Doors
    no one will know what she is doing
    Behind Closed Doors
    she will keep on trying... more »

  • Colors

    I'm afraid to show you my true colors
    While you are out there showing yours
    I'm afraid you will make fun
    The only person ive told dosent talk to me any more... more »

  • Do You Want To Know Me?

    Do you want to know me
    or just use me
    do you want to be ther by my side when im crying
    or do you just want to use me for my body... more »

  • Listening

    DO you ever feel like you are only two feet tall
    because i feel like that all the time
    like nobody listens to what i say at all
    all they do is go on with their life... more »

  • Roses

    If love is like a rose
    then why do people pick roses
    isit because they want to be in love
    or because they want to be loved... more »

  • Scared

    Happiness loves me in the summer
    it hates me in the winter
    im afriaid my seceret will get out
    im afraid people will know me... more »

  • Should She

    she's there on the bridge
    thinking if she should do it
    people would be happy
    that she will be gone... more »

  • Tears

    As she digs it in her wrist she sees blood coming out
    her mom walks in on her doing this
    she starts yelling and screaming at her
    this makes her do it more... more »

  • The Difference

    The difference between you and me is that
    You are great
    I am not
    You will succeed... more »

  • This Girl

    There is this girl
    She feels lost
    She feels like nobody cares
    nobody listens to her... more »

  • Together

    i miss you
    i want to kiss you
    and be with you
    and never let go... more »

  • You Dont Know Me

    Does anyone feel the way i feel
    does anyone know what im going through
    no they dont only because they dont know me
    they dont want to know me... more »