• Artemis

    Goddess of the Moon
    For the Wolves to Howl.
    Goddess of the Woods,
    For the Creatures to Prowl.... more »

  • Creatures Of The Night..

    In the night the Ravens scream,
    There more beautiful than they seem.
    A pack of Wolves scavenge and prowl,
    Sometimes letting out an eerie howl.... more »

  • Gone Forever

    Tear drops falling like summers rain,
    wondering when he'll be back again.
    Remembering how he yelled in their fight,... more »

  • Halloween Night

    Darkness spilling like Demons Blood,
    Light wilting as Dead Rose Buds.
    Witches taking form as large Black Cats,
    Vampires feeding and flying as Bats.... more »

  • I Miss You

    I miss the way you held me tight,
    i miss the way we cuddled at night.

    I miss the way your lips brushed mine,... more »

  • Lost Dream Child

    Deep inside the Woods of Time,
    Beyond the Ocean of Crystal and Glass,
    Lies a young girl all scared and pale.... more »

  • Lying Lover

    You told me you loved me but that was a lie,
    i told you i loved you till the day i die.
    But you left me and now your with her,
    when i see you two my heart begins to whither.... more »

  • Priceless Love

    Feels like warmth on a Cold Winters Night,
    Gives the Eyes a soft gleaming Light.
    Smells like Roses in a Mystical Land,
    Feels like sliding feet in rough hot Sand.... more »

  • Rainbow

    It starts as a sunny day,
    children smiling bright as a suns ray.
    Laughing and playing and running around,
    then the rain pours and wets the ground.... more »

  • Screw Up

    Such a screw up, so alone.
    Emotions held, like earth under snow.
    Tears falling like spring rain, wondering when she can live again.
    Feeling useless and upset, death taking her she will let.... more »

  • Teenage Goal

    Can't live up to what they See,
    Expectations that can't be Me.
    Hard to live in a World not Mine,
    Being held down by a Trap of Vines.... more »

  • The End (Suicide Poem)

    Moonlight glinting off the blade,
    dark red dripping once again.

    Cutting deep in the dark of night,... more »