• 18 Pegs Down

    I had made a dream, when asked to do so
    With some abstract contours

    Collecting the tiny things those mattered... more »

  • A Conch Shell In A Beach..

    Its when I walk out f my house,
    When I hear a song
    When I see something that has a dot that resembles u
    Its when The light is too dark,... more »

  • An Escape Note

    I was standing on that rain drenched road as the
    Trembling rickshaw inched away from me….
    The last straw of that dying man
    Has defied of its services…... more »

  • Miracle 99

    Not long after it was
    When my name was called
    Not long after it was
    When everything has hauled... more »

  • Mutiny

    ... more »

  • Rebirth

    It’s often that I think,
    This world is a short place for us to live.
    With all the thinking we do,
    With our ideas,... more »

  • The Boy Died After The Fall

    A shabby cupboard, a broken vase,
    An undone bed with dirty linen allover,
    A table heaped with papers.
    Papers with scribblings,... more »

  • The Call For Rain

    Let rain happen
    Let's drench tonight this city of mysteries,
    The leaves all thirsty, the ground greedy of water,
    Let's wash them,... more »

  • The Children Of The Dark

    There was a day when we laughed...
    We loved....n celebrated in each others cheers
    & admired each other, as our shadows embraced...together... more »

  • The Goblet Had Toppled

    The sadness was all over
    The goblet of red wine
    filled to the brink
    had toppled and tumbled... more »

  • The Permanent Truth

    It was with that falling autumn leaf…
    Gently landing dead body…..of
    The once green with vibrance….
    That I realized permanence was one mirage…... more »

  • The Rain Fed Stream

    It was not the wind,
    That dried my sweating face,
    Long that I had done nothing,
    Long that I had traveled in a path... more »

  • The Second Feeling

    And the night dawned,
    The stars blinked opened their eyes.
    I would be wrong if I said-
    I could sleep that night.... more »

  • The Vermillion Sky

    Written on the feelings of the beareaved wife of a freedom fighter

    A pregnant sky
    A piece of peacelessness... more »