Sayeed Abubakar 21 September 1972

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There is no Jesus more who will absorb all your sins in his cross. There is no Gautama more who will play the flute of wisdom sitting under the shade of the Bodhi Tree. There is no Krishna more who will pour down a cloud of love into the thirsty eyes of Radha. There is no Mohammad more who will save you from the clutch of the hungry Fire. Save a love-lorn poet, there is no savior more.
Taken from the poem 'The Savior' belonging to ''Bongate Basati' (a collection of Bengali poems)
Birds have no country, Fishes no country. Rivers count no Army, no Border. Showing thumbs to all raising guns and mighty kings, the rivers move running, tearing all barbed wires of the Border. O Man, where have you got the Border and the border-guards?
Taken from the poem 'Country' belonging to his book 'Julekhar Shes Jal'
You say, 'I love the rain.' But when it starts raining, you raise your umbrella over your head. You say, 'I love the Sun.' But when it spreads its rays, you start looking for shade. You say, 'I love the storm.' But when it starts blowing, closing doors and windows you alone get seated. You say, 'I love all men.' But when a poor man comes at your door in danger, in anger and in scorn your face turns red.
Taken from the poem 'Hypocrisy' belonging to his book 'Tumi Bolo Tumi Bristi Valobaso'.

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You are a Bangali poet.I am proud I am bangali. Your poems is inspired by me.
Sayeed Abubakar is one of the most popular modern Bengali poets. It's a matter of joy that he has been one of the top 500 poets of world. We feel proud of him. Congratulation from Bangladesh
Sayeed Abubakar.s poems are immensely beautiful in their portrayal.Sometimes they seem so simple, but carry deep meanings.The poems reveal the poet both as a lover and a rebel.He is a lover of human values and a rebel against injustice.'He is sensitive towards social issues and works towards bringing peace and equality in the world by joining hands with other great poets of the world like Fabrizio Frosini and Daniel Brick.
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