• A Frustrated Love

    As a tabulator of my home i kept her at my heart.
    The one who make me arise from the mirk and dark.
    But the past days says we both are misfit.
    And my mirthful love and hope passes away from me.... more »

  • A Shortcut

    I was turn around and take a diversion.
    To the left for a shortcut from my life.
    But it was much longer then the another.The way-
    was so narrow and also too hard to travel.... more »

  • Frustration

    From where the human get frustrated at first?
    Y aah' Its from his mom's belly at first.
    And the frustration will go on and on...
    Until the soul get frustrated at last.... more »

  • My Love And Ab Reaction

    Like a beck which comes out from a sierra.
    I was beckoned towards her, My love my life.
    I just made my steps steadily towards that messimarising beck.
    Oh' I wonder she is not only a dale but an ocean of love.... more »