• Angelic Yet Hopeless Love

    Love is a confusing mystery,
    Involved in every story, throughout time and history
    That has travelled through the past
    The mystery of love, and how long it will last.... more »

  • Aphrodite Writes Critical Journalism

    Why do people feel that to criticise
    You have to be perfect
    Why should they listen to someone like me?
    If you cant control your own life... more »

  • Barbed Wire

    You can see your target, see all you want, see the hope
    but that is beyond the barbed wire fence, surrounding you
    the pain in life, the lessons which you will just have to cope... more »

  • Blurred Eyes

    Blurred eyes and salty tears
    Fed by paranoia and hidden fears
    Spew last night’s food and disgust
    Pressures building, you do what you must... more »

  • Cherry Smoke

    Cherry smoke of laughter
    The pink dye bringing lust
    The cuteness and the wonder
    Strives to simulate our trust... more »

  • Copper Sulfate Eyes

    Fallen beyond that which forgiveness could have been conceived
    Lost in the vale of what hides the fear of redemption
    Transformed and reflected by the hatred retrieved
    From the tense indifferent burden in others implication... more »

  • Dark Rose - Chris

    My Angel, From The Darkness, Rose... more »

  • Delusions Of The Distance

    I always know love was magic,
    But I never understood how it could be so tragic
    Till I fell for an angel, I knew would love me only in my world of dream
    But when I told him, he said things were not how they looked, not the way they seem... more »

  • Falling Through

    I’m falling down towards you
    I’m trusting you’ll see this through
    I’m falling down and I cant see straight... more »

  • Forever Remedy

    I dream of you at night
    Its foresight
    I see us here
    Another year... more »

  • Fountain Of Life: Warning Poision

    Hypocritical wonders bringing end to the idealist
    Via the thick binding acid gloss
    Kill the mind numbing pain with the ice-cold cruelty
    Potassium chloride fumes burning through my veins... more »

  • Illusion

    Confusion, illusion, passion, betrays meant and lust
    The five elements of my tale, in this be sure to trust
    But in this quest a six sense does exists
    The element of love, shrouded in mist... more »

  • Illusion Before The Fall

    Moonlight wont you be my lover
    Protect me as did no other
    Moonlight come and help me sing
    It now just me against everything... more »

  • It’s Been Awhile Since I Have Floated

    It’s been awhile since I have floated
    The gentle glide of my feet along
    Black paved roads of collection
    To cry more than once in while,... more »

  • Just A Memory Of What Once Was

    You will never know what you meant to me
    You saved me from the world and all that I hide inside
    And as time passes, slowly I force myself to make you just a memory
    If only all you were was a person who I could confide... more »

  • Let Me Lead

    Through vague search for insight
    As my form absorbs your light
    Mist eyes as I worship your being
    Love strong than what you have been seeing... more »

  • Lying Brokern On The Floor

    Carefree, blissful depression, lust ruined second chance
    Scars deep inside that you would not noticed at first glance
    How life’s events demoralise the state of your conceptual mind, your reality
    You grasp of emotional perspective on the world, your sanity... more »

  • Majesty Of The Time Frozen Illusion

    Once upon a time,3 am, all was peaceful in the dark
    The world has stopped turning, nothing stirs as I sit all alone in the park
    People say to beware of what hides in the shadows and mist
    But the world once it stopped turning became mine, how could I resist... more »

  • Not Any More

    Nothing seems right, just want to shout
    Comfort not any more, just want to break out
    When everything in life turns out to be an illusion
    Drowning me in the hell waters, darkness, depression confusion... more »

  • Personal Pronoun

    The blades hate me, I can see it in their eyes
    Leaving me with the red hot lines of lies
    My skin is burning from within
    As deception of hatred sinking in... more »

  • Redundant

    Well maybe im redundant,
    And my purpose passed me by... more »

  • Seperation

    Out of nothing you came to me
    From my friends you heard things
    About who I am, what I do, who I see
    And then the next thing my phone rings... more »

  • She Will Bring Ending

    Bathe in cold, and drown in love
    So she walks on the water like him from above
    Glows through the darkness, moving with grace
    My eyes reflected in her haunting grace... more »

  • Stay Off The Colours.

    Im sick of waking up still tired,
    And all the ways they are try to make me ill
    How when im so happy that im crying
    Some sort of ghost pink acid spill... more »

  • Suicidal Truths Of Denial

    I walk through the land, of fire and hatred and pain
    Where I sent my self to escape from my minds little game
    My heart still left behind in the summer rain
    Back when I denied everything, before reality came... more »