Scarborough Gypsy Biography

Gypsy has been living in Australia since 1992 but was borne and bred in London. She has travelled extensively and now resides in the coastal town of Scarborough in Perth Western Australia. Gypsy is a happy go lucky person who believes that fun and laughter should go hand in hand with life.

Writing now since the age of thirteen, the poems that she writes are mainly inspired by life experiences. She likes to vary her subject matter as much as possible and tries to offer the reader a wide scope of emotions to experience through her work.

If you were going to read any of Gypsy’s poems her recommendation would be to start with “The Decorator”, “Love In A Teacup” and “Reflections”. These are her three personal favourites.

Please feel free to comment on Scarborough Gypsy’s work but do not worry about scoring as she does not believe in the scoring system and does not score on anyone's work for this reason. Gypsy does however welcome all verbal feedback both good and bad providing it is constructive of course.