• A Blessing Of Sorts

    so long it's been
    since she's seen him
    missing him so
    she asks for him to show... more »

  • A Day Of Heartbreak

    A simple statement
    Just a few words long
    Cut like a knife
    And now everything's wrong... more »

  • A New Experience

    wanting to do something
    they've never done before
    he picks her up one morning
    so that they may explore... more »

  • A Prisoner In My Own

    I feel like a prisoner
    Trapped within these four walls
    Young I am
    I should be free... more »

  • All Alone

    All alone
    They leave her
    While they go
    To visit... more »

  • All I Have Now

    A constant cloud overhead
    No silver lining to be seen
    You've stolen my heart
    Now there’s a hole where it’s been... more »

  • Being A Woman

    she simply smiles
    her smile
    closes her eyes
    And looks away... more »

  • Betrayal

    A Betrayal so dark,
    A Betrayal so deep.
    A trust now shattered
    That was for years to keep.... more »

  • Death

    Death overcomes me
    It removes all my pain
    As I sit asunder and
    Watch them remove me... more »

  • Diversity

    If people were like you and me
    How different the world would be
    Love and Laughter in abundance
    Fun and Pleasure pouring from fountains... more »

  • Do Or Die

    Since I've known you
    you've given me
    a new perspective on life.... more »

  • Emotions

    Pain and sorrow
    Though here right now
    Seems so far away
    Though in a crowd... more »

  • Eternity

    Together forever,
    we shall never be,
    eternity as we know,
    will come to an end,... more »

  • First & Last

    Together we were
    Inseperable not
    Hear we did
    but listened not... more »

  • From A Day To A Few

    after a day of heartbreak
    proving her love regardless
    she knows her heart weak
    and all only for him... more »

  • Happiness

    Early mornings and Late nights
    Your were always too busy leaving
    Yet wonder why we have so much fights
    Never home with me, but always tripping... more »

  • Her Worst Nightmare

    she left the one
    who has her heart
    for the one she thought
    could give her a fresh start... more »

  • I Love You

    the first time he said it
    she couldn't believe it was true
    she thought she was dreaming
    even though she felt it too... more »

  • I Miss You

    Rainbows and unicorns,
    angel kisses in the morn...

    Dark clouds floating over,... more »

  • I See...

    I see the way
    you treat him
    I see how you
    MisUse tears... more »

  • I Try...

    Try and Try
    day & night
    Try & Try
    without respite... more »

  • I'M The Girl

    I'm the girl
    That doesn't like mornings,
    Only showers at night
    It's so hot, it's scalding... more »

  • Is It Too Late?

    when we met
    I'd never have thought
    he'd steal my heart
    no matter how we fought... more »

  • Just Blood

    Over a quarter century ago,
    sometime on a Wednesday,
    I took my first breath,
    I can only hope, I took yours away.... more »

  • Know

    To believe and being believed
    The ability man knows of not
    To trust and when to trust
    An ability man confuses... more »