• Two

    Skating the wall plates
    Since your gone
    Been adding the miles in my head
    One (... two...three...)... more »

  • Whatever I Do

    You can find the answers
    Or make the same mistakes
    Pretending that it matters
    When there's nothing left to take... more »

  • When They Go

    Whenever it seems
    I'm so lost completely
    And all of my dreams
    They come to my sleep... more »

  • Who's The Veiw

    Pretend I feel fine when I'm not
    And I don't really know what
    Knocked me to the ground and holds me down
    ....Still........ more »

  • Worst Days Yet

    You're overwhelmed - and you're drowning, drowning, drowning
    And when you cried for help - no one was listening - they'd say -
    You made yourself - your head is crowded, crowded, crowded
    And all you want is out - and whatever that means -... more »

  • Years From Home

    Be at odds - constantly
    And your shadows kept in closets wont be seen just a vacancy
    It seems so long - I tried to be
    An optimistic figure standing out in fragile fields of green... more »