• (your Colors) On My Mind

    calm is down, your colors smear in the wind
    blowing over live earth
    and up... more »

  • All I Know

    what will happen
    is what will happen
    what will live
    will someday die... more »

  • Call Me When I'M 30

    love should be a waterfall
    I treat it like a dam... more »

  • Delusions

    don't be so foolish
    to think
    the worlds' an oyster
    for you.... more »

  • Do It Right

    break my firm establishment
    in two blinks of two sore pouring eyes
    that've seen enough perfidy lately
    like kicking a sand castle,... more »

  • For You

    to kiss your feet,
    lay out everything... it was life for me
    it was a dream that kept on living
    chains were bound (i was immune to their weight)... more »

  • Give Me The Truth

    give me some fire to play with
    don't let me burn you
    I need to burn sometimes, you see...
    but don't let me get you involved... more »

  • Go Ahead Alone

    go on, because you must. because you want to,
    you can, you will, and I'm not
    on your shoulders.
    go ahead. munch on a dead cigarette... more »

  • God Of Wine

    that's where to begin when
    you're talking about being alone, in the numbness
    that's a dark velvet background
    and all you need is one reason for it... more »

  • Is It Me

    is it me that eventually drops,
    for days or weeks of sour news
    I've been hit, too close to focus and regain my footing,... more »

  • Let A Man Live Free

    let a man believe in his body
    let a man live free
    for his own gain
    let him make scenes, changes, and mistakes... more »

  • Misery

    a moment in passing up the tender mercy
    while sheets of iron guard the hall's
    empty branch of government
    a hinge on fused frosted dead parts... more »

  • Nightmare

    the south of it, quick and
    ruined up to streetlamps cold as ice
    make it slower than,... more »

  • One Who Never Hangs His Head

    one who never falters
    one who never hangs his head
    one who sings and erases shadows
    cuts out the forlorn sighs... more »

  • Perfect Sense

    I walk around the outside of you,
    in the music of your laughter.
    I sample you,... more »

  • Remember

    rewind life and remember
    your last bad words, your last good ones,
    to him. long before the cut.
    if you're not too relaxed,... more »

  • Seafood

    cold boat, we sail it
    fresh white sails for it
    let me say that
    it's so good to see you're thinking of me... more »

  • Sick

    the further I sweep it under the rug,
    the more this cancer builds walls inside-out.
    the more I fear myself, or starve myself of
    essential self-appreciation, or cringe, or... more »

  • Taking Over

    when I dropped the atom bomb of everything
    and threw the door open to God
    I dropped every worry and let Him in... more »

  • The Fork

    your umbrella won't always hold out the rain. you'll see that
    it gets you when the wind blows. likewise,
    your dark glasses can't keep all the sun out.
    your gloves are powerless against... more »

  • The Vow

    all of my rusted parts breaking off like junkyard fodder
    I vow for new directions
    sun and sky to fill my eyes
    scars to heal on my purple heart... more »

  • The Wash

    the orange is your heritage
    a mash of old easy days, the old edges
    of the photographs,
    rusted bicycle wheels,... more »

  • The Year

    do you reveal yourself
    in the art of life
    do you bring yourself closer to God
    do cold clutches of mystery and hard nighttime... more »

  • The Zoo

    like an angel lost at sea
    like a swan that swallows a diamond ring
    like the gracious exit of dreams from the mind
    a cold, quiet mind and a whisper to heaven... more »

  • This

    black and white stripes
    this is nothing to bother your night sky
    deep in those sugar blue eyes
    around in a field while you're never alone... more »