SOB Seamus O' Brian

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When there is power without justice, security becomes fear.
Neal Beightol
It is the duty of every man to shine what light he has on the darkness of injustice. For he who wears the badge of poet, that light is the power of his word.
Neal Beightol
The gift of poetry lies as much in the eyes as in the pen. To speak, we must first see.
Neal Beightol

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Let me quote from his poem'Conditional'- If you knew who I was now When I knew who you were then Would you forgive me before We ever became them? If you gathered in the harvest— Stacked and counted the bales of our soul-searing pain, Numbered the bushels Of our flesh-scalding tears, Compacted the silos of loneliness, doubts, fears- If you could have counted the cost, Would you have sown the first seed?
Seamus O Brian is one of the most brilliant poet of Poem Hunter Site.From the very beginning since my I entry into this Site, I have been mesmerized by Seamus O Brians poems which are extremely beautiful in poetic expression and deep in thought. His poems will charm you, puzzle you, challenge you and take you along a beautiful poetic journey.I have been honored by some of the most lovely comments he has given on my poems.
Seamus is a very talented poet.. his poems are amazing and mind blowing.
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