Seamus O' Brian Comments (8)

Let me quote from his poem'Conditional'- If you knew who I was now When I knew who you were then Would you forgive me before We ever became them? If you gathered in the harvest— Stacked and counted the bales of our soul-searing pain, Numbered the bushels Of our flesh-scalding tears, Compacted the silos of loneliness, doubts, fears- If you could have counted the cost, Would you have sown the first seed?
Seamus O Brian is one of the most brilliant poet of Poem Hunter Site.From the very beginning since my I entry into this Site, I have been mesmerized by Seamus O Brians poems which are extremely beautiful in poetic expression and deep in thought. His poems will charm you, puzzle you, challenge you and take you along a beautiful poetic journey.I have been honored by some of the most lovely comments he has given on my poems.
Seamus is a very talented poet.. his poems are amazing and mind blowing.
Neal, who goes by Seamus O'Brian here in Poemhunter, is just one of a few poets posting here who makes me wonder if/when the PH people promote someone to the Modern Poet Poem of the Day category. His best poems stand up against those of the more famous poets I hold in high regard. If you haven't discovered this for yourself, read him. You don't have to agree with me, but I think you will. -Glen
Hi poet. Thanks for the supportive words. You are a great poet with real interesting poetry that makes us want more all the time so we will keep coming back to you. Cheers and best wishes.
By far the best poetry I have been privalleged to have read are the ones written by Seamus, what depth he has and his statements and questions will carry the reader on a journey, I only wish I could write with such skill. My friend, you are the real thing.
You possess great poetic skills. I'm very impressed with your work and i'm learning a lot from you. Your command on vocabulary is enviable and your expression captures the soul of your thoughts n feelings. Keep writing n inspiring.
Brilliant talent. Some exquisite poems. I find it very hard to come across good poetry on Poemhunter. A joy to read some rare gems by this writer and poet.