• Desert Desertion

    Ive forgtten the path and strayed from thou course
    like a cowboy who has somehow lost his horse
    wandering aimlessly amoungst the desert plants
    making himself busy like the desert ants... more »

  • Meaning Meaning

    Struggling with meaning in todays busy life
    Some find it in jobs, other in a wife
    Ive had both and niether proved lasting and true
    Where eles to find meaning but inside of you... more »

  • Rejecting Rejection

    Sadness swirls around me like a cloud of inpenetrable dust
    -my heart wants to love again but its covered in anceint rust.
    -rust that isnt so old as to not be incurable
    but the thought of my past with you is despicable... more »

  • Violent Volition

    The new day arrives with the shrill sound
    fumbling i hit the clock to turn it down
    another day comes and yet i dread it
    another days dissapointment impossible to forget it... more »

  • Whores

    You fell for the stupid lies of society
    They told you that it would be fun to act like a slut
    so insted of love you choose insobriety
    it hurts but then again you know what?... more »